Augmented Reality on realization new port and supply route

We are excited when partners from our network collaborate to strengthen each other and achieve more together. For example, partners Boskalis and Social Brothers have found each other in applying disruptive Augmented Reality (AR) techniques to raise project management to a higher level.

Time saving with Virtual Reality
Previously they have co-operated on a project in which Virtual Reality (VR) provides support during the engineering of a new bridge. This bridge has been tested by means of VR and users can immediately adapt the structure of the bridge to their own wishes. The different skippers of the Helios have tested the new interior and have jointly assessed in a number of sessions. A process that is normally costly and time-consuming, could now be shortened to a project of just three months.

Conscious choice for Augmented Reality
After the success of this project, Boskalis again opted for cooperation with Social Brothers. From Boskalis the goal was to make project management more transparent and to be able to create a graphical overview of the different steps for the ultimate client. The Duqm project was used as an example. This project was dedicated for the realization of a new port and supply route. The project led to a clear overview of the order in which the various steps are carried out and gave an overview of the possible bottle necks.

The previous project used Virtual Reality, this time they used Augmented Reality. The use of AR has had the advantage that the application can be used at any location, if the user wants it. AR also gives the user the opportunity to communicate with the tool without losing sight of the environment.

Now that the Duqm project has succeeded, the further possibilities of the specific tool and AR within Boskalis are being evaluated and the first steps towards the next AR project have already been taken.

Check the video on the right: