Brainstorm Challenges – the solution for your challenge

A Communication student with the solution for your technical challenge?
A student Communication with the solution for your technical challenge does not seem obvious. Imagine a student will join your business meeting, that doesn’t sound logical. And yet it is a great success in practice to invite various guests during a brainstorm session. Think of students, lawyers, architects or politician. This is how we set up our Brainstorm Challenge and with remarkable results and great succes!

What is a Brainstorm Challenge?
During a Brainstorm Challenge, pre-determined challenges will be discussed. Solutions are offered from different perspectives. And it is precisely these different perspectives that provide the most surprising perspectives and even the solution!

Successful solutions
Last year alone, we organized 15 successful Brainstorm Challenges. VolkerRail asked our help when they encountered a technical problem with the maintenance of one of the main bridges in Zuid-Holland. The mix of VolkerRail employees and external professionals resulted in surprising technical solutions at the same day. One of these solutions has now been applied in practice and with success.

Port of Moerdijk | Verwater | VolkerRail
Among others, Port of Moerdijk, VolkerRail and Verwater led you to a brainstorming session and came up with surprising solutions for their challenges. Of these, two solutions have already been successfully applied in practice!

What is your challenge?
Let us know via We are happy to host a Brainstorm Challenge for your company.