Digital Delivers More Energy Options

With the emergence of alternative energy sources and environmental concerns escalating, the industry is turning to digital to deliver more energy options, reduce cost and provide higher customer satisfaction.

The energy industry faces game-changing trends and technologies. With global warming and extreme climate conditions becoming the new normal, a
collective awareness has emerged worldwide that things need to change – quickly. Unfortunately, according to organizations such as the World
Economic Forum, the pace of the transition globally is too slow. The solution lies not only in embracing the power of new technologies but also in changing our economic models.

Traditionally, success and wellbeing have been measured in terms of economic growth, and economic growth has traditionally been tightly coupled with society’s seemingly insatiable need for energy. Status is based on what we own, not on what we add to society. Today, however, as we face the challenge of living within the boundaries of our planet, continuing our addiction to a fossil-dominated world on which our current economic models rely will make our problems worse.

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