Enerpy innovates at Groningen Seaports

The move from Enerpy to Groningen Seaports shows how iTanks also takes the role of innovation broker to innovate and connect.

Meet Enerpy
Enerpy focuses on the recovery of raw materials (and energy) from problematic organic waste. Through technology developed and patented by Enerpy, raw materials such as carbon, oil and gas are extracted from organic waste. The types of organic waste that can be processed are diverse. Ranging from agro-industrial residues, used car tires, green waste, household waste, litter to industrial waste.

The correct name for the applied technology in this process is radiolysis. The thermal degradation process makes Enerpy essentially different from pyrolysis, which gives a more efficient process with more processing possibilities; which results in the conversion of waste flows into high-quality raw materials (upgrading).

Enerpy meets Groningen Seaports
The innovation started in Renswoude where they built the so-called RMO installation (Reactor for Organic Material) and carried out tests. Enerpy has developed a process (technology) to convert organic waste flows into new raw materials through this RMO installation

After succeeding this phase, a suitable location had to be found. Where Rotterdam was the first to come to mind iTanks suggested Groningen Seaports and with success. ¬†Groningen Seaports, a place where green chemistry works, turned out to be the ideal location for Enerpy. ‘A top province, where we have been welcomed with open arms,’ says Jos Koopmans – managing ¬†director of Enerpy. At the new location, the installation will be further expanded and, among other things, in collaboration with Renewi, they will continue to innovate to give waste a second life.

Read all about how Enerpy works on green chemistry at www.enerpy.nl.

Foto GSP by Koos Boertjens