Innovative pumping system saves up to 50%

Normally frequency-controlled electrically driven pumps are being used for pumping of liquids at storage tanks. Characteristic of these settings is that the pumps are being placed near the tank and the associated motor control is placed outside the tank dike, because of the fact the pumps are hydraulically driven. Moreover, the entire installation is explained at 100% availability and the (electrical) installation is often unnecessarily overdimensioned.

Directly at the storage tank
Tank Revolution offers with the hydraulically driven Canned Pump system an innovative solution that can be placed directly at the storage tank. This ensures a significant saving in piping and cabling and also in mixes and cleaning. With one hydraulic power pack the pumps can be driven in a tank farm. This iTanks partner demonstrated the system at the iTanks Outdoorpitch on June 21 at Ecoloss.

Savings up to more than 50%
This innovative use of technology that has proven itself in other applications for decades has resulted in savings of up to 50% in investment and operational costs.

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