Innovation Support: Extractor Lastoorts

The 7XE Extractor is the first welding torch to extract welding fumes directly at the source without sacrificing weld quality. Welding smoke contains substances and gases that are harmful to health. Inhaling too much welding fumes gives an increased risk of asthma, bronchitis, COPD and nervous system damage. That is why strict limit values ​​have been set for the welding smoke content in the air.


In collaboration with TNO and Translas, iTanks has developed the iVent. This innovation concerns a stand-alone source-sucked welding torch. With the welding fume extraction integrated in the welding torch, the welding fumes released during welding are immediately extracted instead of being left in the welder’s working environment. A very clean and healthy solution!


Role of Innovation Support
Ideate iTanks Innovation Support has initiated a brainstorming session with a number of stakeholders. Problem: Unhealthy situations with regard to smoke development. The goal is to reduce smoke development during welding in confined spaces like the workplace to lower the health risk of employees. The challenge lies mainly in quality preservation. In response to a number of ideas that have arisen in this session, iTanks Innovation Support has brought together a number of parties from the network, TNO and Translas.

Conceptualize an existing concept, smoke extraction at the source, was further elaborated in this phase with the help of iTanks Innovation Support and together with Translas the first tests were done. These lab tests were so positive that a next phase could be initiated.

Prototype in this phase of the innovation process, TNO and Translas worked on a prototype. iTanks took on the projectmanager roll. Under the guidance of iTanks the process went efficiently and everyone kept their focus.

Demonstrate in this crucial phase, iTanks Innovation Support has developed, worked out and prepared the business case. In addition, iTanks Innovation Support also provided the financial means for this process as an intermediary.

Realize in the latter phase, realizing the market introduction, iTanks Innovation Support has provided a number of important factors.

  1. finding launcing partners
  2. co-determine marketing plan
  3. mobilizing the iTanks Network