Innovation - where to start?

It's simple. In order to begin, begin! Every innovation process is custom made. iTanks supports and supervises innovation projects. To achieve an innovative result different steps must be taken. Every project is different, they all need another unique approach. We determine which stages are needed and what needs to be achieved in each stage. Every stage ends with a go/no go decision on to the next step.

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Five stages of innovation

Innovation doesn’t proceed according to well-defined procedures. Innovation is different for every company and often happens in a casual, complex or unique way as a result of luck or even chaos. Therefore, it’s difficult to establish a standard innovation method. Besides, there are multiple different forms of innovation. For example, there are technical and social innovations. iTanks Innovation Support provides a solid structure for the innovation process by maintaining five stages.

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The problem definition is formulated and the challenge refined. By means of a first Brainstorming session, a number of directions are looked at. Every aspect is included in the final analysis, which sets the direction for the next phase.

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Setting up the requirements and wishes. This is the starting point for the idea development. A selection is made from different ideas and some ideas are worked out in further detail.


The development of a physical product. Depending on the draft technical drawings, scenarios and process plans are made. Ultimately the prototype is produced and tested.


The final adjustments are made after testing. The business case is also developed in which stakeholders, necessary financial resources and investments are discussed.


In the final phase, the production and implementation plan are set up and executed. The concept is finally introduced on the market.


Our Partners are closely involved during these stages. For example, a communication student and a lawyer can have surprising views on technical issues during Brainstorm Challenges. These views are different than those who experience the problem. Need specific technical knowledge, test equipment or a testing space? Contact us, we can arrange this with the help of the iTanks network. Some success stories:

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iTanks Innovation Projects

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