Platform for innovation and technology scouting, for market & competitive monitoring and for collective intelligence crowd sourcing.

De Challenge

As innovation manager, business developer, or business analyst, you want to be aware of what is new in your market and business, and scout for innovative solutions. You want to explore and monitor, maximising the insights while minimising the efforts. In the continuously fast-changing business environment it is a challenge to efficiently gather relevant and actual data to provide these insights. Datascouts wants to support this challenge by providing exploration and monitoring platforms and related services that gather that data in a AI-supported and continuous manner.

De Solution

Our platforms are used as tool to map stakeholders, explore market trends and discover opportunities, and increase the quality and efficiency in doing so. They provide an AI-supported workflow to streamline the open innovation process, to gain situational awareness, get the full picture of relevant stakeholders, market trends and emerging technologies, and help network and member organisations to interact with their stakeholders, to share knowledge and build collective intelligence.

De Businesscase

The solutions we offer, help companies to stay ahead of the game and translate available data into actionable insights. It allows to spot for opportunities, innovations, partnerships, customers, competitors, which can translate into business growth, diversification or transformation dependent on the strategic path you are following in response to a fast-changing business environment.

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