RSIMS Platform (ReliaSol Intelligent Maintenance System)

De Challenge

ReliaSol helps to take up the challenges posed to people from various industries and in various positions like Production, Maintenance, Operations Directors or Reliability Engineers, who need to worry about how to improve the profitability of the plant, extend the asset life cycle, optimize service and production processes, provide a safe working environment and deal with increasing maintenance costs. Dealing with unexpected downtime and avoiding unexpected failures are the next, crucial challenges. These challenges are interdependent - if equipment availability suffers, then production, quality, costs, and profits also suffer. At the same time, low reliability may be the cause of events that reduce safety at work and have an impact on the environment. All this is combined with the departure of experienced employees (or during a pandemic the problem with restrictions in movement, and thus the possibility of fast response in case of failure), as well as the requirements resulting from stricter environmental regulations. In addition, there is globalization, production consolidation, and specialization, and the need to quickly respond to changes in the parameters of raw materials in the production process. These various and complex challenges faced by the industry require making decisions. The effectiveness and accuracy of which significantly depend on the quality of information and its availability at the right time. Thanks to predictive analytics and solutions offered by ReliaSol, enterprises have the opportunity to digitize and optimize industrial processes, increase productivity, and boost revenues.

De Solution

RSIMS platform – AI-based prediction for the smart Industry. The RSIMS platform (ReliaSol Intelligent Maintenance System) created by ReliaSol is a digital platform that utilizes AI to predict failures, optimize processes, to improve quality and safety, and reduce energy consumption. Apart from its accuracy of prediction (up to 96%), RSIMS is distinguished by a short Time-to-Value period and a proven track record of successful implementations.
RSIMS gives insights into the operations and work of machines, ensuring a high level of prediction efficiency and facilitating optimal business decisions.
RSIMS has been designed in such a way that a user, with only basic knowledge in the field of data analysis, would not only be able to perform full-value analytics but also maintain the predictive power of the built models in the event of changes in the machine’s operating process. The RSIMS system also has a dedicated anomaly detection module. This enables the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies for facilities that do not have a substantial set of historical data or that have never failed or failed to behave properly. Our solution is a perfect fit for companies on their digital journey towards optimizing their processes, improving quality, and predicting failures. RSIMS supports making the optimal decision and gives recommendations for operations and maintenance based on provided data.

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De Businesscase

ReliaSol have completed over 30 projects for clients from the energy, chemical, production, automotive, and petrochemical industries. We have developed more than 2500 predictive models and with the average level of effectiveness in predicting failures is 96%. The RSIMS system reduces failure and service costs and unplanned downtime, increases technical readiness (availability), reduces technical maintenance costs, minimizes losses associated with unplanned machine downtime, extends asset life cycle, optimizes service and production processes and increases security. Selected examples of our customers’ benefits: Chemical company - Reduction of gas consumption by 1.35% (2M EUR/year). Chemical Company - Monitoring operation in real-time - 98% accuracy & 300k EUR in additional revenues due to avoided downtime. Energy company - Prediction of failures in a specified time horizon of 3 to 17 hours, ROI of 4 times due to increased production by avoiding downtimes. Manufacturing company - Faults detection and failures anticipation; risk of failure in real-time. Productivity increase of approx. 5%.

ReliaSol (Reliability Solutions)

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