4.0 software platform

De Challenge

1. Fragmented systems (integrity and scalibility problem, Multiple Controls, Protocols, Equipments, execution systems, 2. Data analytics (A small percentage of collected data is analysied at an enterprise level), 3. Predictive Maintenance (Most software focus on condition monitoring & optimistaion not predictive maintenance), 4. Interoperability (Lack of interoperability with devices from different coys is also an issue, posing problems for data collection)

De Solution

“Connect devices and applications smarter, faster, and more collaboratively than anyone in the industry. We create a high-performing Industry 4.0 software platform that makes the companies profit from all their data. Examples of solutions are: 5G Enabled Manufacturing Execution System & Warehousing System and Predictive & Prescriptive Asset Management System”

De Businesscase

Better accuracy, efficiency and productivity from Data Literacy & Analytics.


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