4FOLD Foldable Containers

De Challenge

Okay, here’s the thing: 40% of container transport on land is empty. At sea it’s 20%. Hundreds of Megatons of CO₂ emissions and 25Bn Euro in cost are wasted. This form of global inefficiency has to stop. Right now.

De Solution

We at 4FOLD reduce empty transport in the most significant way. With a foldable container that saves up to 37% in costs and CO₂.

We are calling all shippers and shipping lines to take responsibility and start saving CO₂ with 4FOLD now

De Businesscase

Imagine the possibilities. Our foldable shipping containers create more room on vessels, docks, trains and trucks. Saving space resulting in up to 37% CO₂ emissions and cost on vessels, on road transport, in terminals and on depots.

If a container needs to be transported empty, we fold it in a fast, safe and easy way to a quarter of its volume. It only takes us up to 10 minutes to fold it. Four folded containers become one interconnected bundle that is handled like one container.

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