Veel challenges lijken uniek, toch is er vaak al nagedacht over een solution. De iTanks iSolutionsGuide biedt een actueel en relevant overzicht van innovatieve producten en diensten. Het online podium inspireert en helpt door jou de unieke proposities uit het iTanks netwerk te tonen. De iSolutionsGuide is kort en bondig en als je meer wilt weten is er een mogelijkheid om direct contact te leggen met verschillende partijen.

Emission control solutions

Get dedicated and out of the box solutions with BM Process Management. With over a decade of experience in this field and knowledge from various industries, BM Process Management can offer you a level of experience rarely found in the market. The successful implementation of emission control technologies in a production environment is no simple […]

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BACE enables Companies to connect their Assets to their Enterprise Systems in only a few weeks. It is a hardened, scalable, cost-effective, secure, future proof IoT Connector. BACE consists of a Hardware Module and a Cloud Application, which are fully integrated. The Hardware Module can be connected to the Asset with a multitude of protocols […]

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VRU replacement – truck loading

The mobile degassing solution developed by ENDEGS can be used anywhere. The solution saves time and money and can be placed close to the maintenance site, releasing the vapors into the atmosphere. Furthermore, ENDEGS has developed work processes that are also patented to minimize the overall risk and increase the level of safety. The mobile […]

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Turnaround Services

The ENDEGS own developed solution for mobile degassing can be used at every place. The solution is time and cost effective and can be placed close to the place of maintenance which would release the vapors to the atmosphere. Furthermore ENDEGS has developed working processes which are also patented to minimize the overall risk and […]

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Degassing of tank container before inspection

The ENDEGS own developed solution for mobile degassing can be used at every place. The solution is time and cost effective and can be placed in the dispatch hub close to the tank container. Besides of the mobile combustion unit for degassing the pressurized gas, ENDEGS is also experienced to deliver and operate the nitrogen […]

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XL tanks in stainless steel

Our proprietary coil building system enables us to work efficiently on sites around the world – we produce the complete tank on site. In a multiple tanks on site project, we construct multiple tanks at the same time on the construction site. A number of containers of material and machinery are transported to the location, […]

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FloatingOilRecoveryUnit (FORU)

Easy to use robust system and ready for action in case of an oil spill: combines a high efficiency with a high capacity, operates in rough weather, floats independently, unique oil/water sensor, easy to clean. Part of our total solution with oil spill response planning, asset management and training.

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Cloud Energy Optimizer

Cloud Energy Optimizer is een online dienst die uw gebouwbeheersysteem van aanvullende informatie voorziet. Cloud Energy Optimizer biedt de mogelijkheid om door gebruik te maken van innovatieve kunstmatige intelligentie op efficiënte wijze het maximale rendement te halen uit de technische installatie uw gebouw. Dit met als doel een ultiem comfort en luchtkwaliteit te realiseren tegen […]

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Telescopic Access Bridges

.SMST developed a range of motion compensated gangways, the SMST Telescopic Access Bridges (TAB), for the safe transfer of personnel and cargo to and from offshore structures. The gangways, that are adjustable for various heights, vary in length from 4 up to 58m. The gangways can be equipped with a lifting winch on the bridge […]

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Manway Cut Device

When we use our Manway Cut Device, we attach a temporary manhole to the wall of the tank using high quality suitable magnets. The use of this method means that adaptation of the tank wall is not necessary. Within this temporary manhole a separate integrated powered cutting device is mounted with a cutting nozzle. Once […]

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Underwater Drones

In connection with poorly accessible or diving-hazardous locations, the use of an ROV (underwater robot) is desirable, it can always be used for camera inspections under the waterline, basins and in (sprinkler) tanks. The ROV has an HDD camera and lighting as standard and can be equipped with a gripper, ultrasonic thickness gauge, etc. on […]

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NEON Product Line: Valve Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Temperature Transmitter

All devices within the NEON Product Line are LoRaWAN-based sensors that allow customers to understand the status of their assets remotely. This can be whether valves are open or closed, what the temperature of the storage tanks or pipes is and of rotating equipment is running the expected way. It is the general aim of these solutions […]

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