Veel challenges lijken uniek, toch is er vaak al nagedacht over een solution. De iTanks iSolutionsGuide biedt een actueel en relevant overzicht van innovatieve producten en diensten. Het online podium inspireert en helpt door jou de unieke proposities uit het iTanks netwerk te tonen. De iSolutionsGuide is kort en bondig en als je meer wilt weten is er een mogelijkheid om direct contact te leggen met verschillende partijen.

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Manway Cut Device

When we use our Manway Cut Device, we attach a temporary manhole to the wall of the tank using high quality suitable magnets. The use of this method means that adaptation of the tank wall is not necessary. Within this temporary manhole a separate integrated powered cutting device is mounted with a cutting nozzle. Once […]

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Underwater Drones

In connection with poorly accessible or diving-hazardous locations, the use of an ROV (underwater robot) is desirable, it can always be used for camera inspections under the waterline, basins and in (sprinkler) tanks. The ROV has an HDD camera and lighting as standard and can be equipped with a gripper, ultrasonic thickness gauge, etc. on […]

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Wireless sensor network inside the lighting infrastructure

We have developed a SmartLED for the industry (ATEX 1/21 certified, HCCAP, and in the future ATEX 0/21 and M1), integrating sensors and connectivity inside our LED lights and are able to deliver Lumen on Demand, light is there where you need it when you need it and light is off when it is not […]

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NEON Product Line: Valve Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Temperature Transmitter

All devices within the NEON Product Line are LoRaWAN-based sensors that allow customers to understand the status of their assets remotely. This can be whether valves are open or closed, what the temperature of the storage tanks or pipes is and of rotating equipment is running the expected way. It is the general aim of these solutions […]

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Voliro T Flying Robot

Voliro AG offers an innovative flying robot design with unique capabilities never before seen on the market. Our flying inspection robot is an omnidirectional platform with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment. This shifts the abilities of service drones from “fly and see” to “fly, see and touch”. This novel […]

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Digitizing frontline operations

We help our clients to optimize processes by assuring compliance, streamlined operations, risk reduction, well-utilized resources, consistency, assured quality, and end-to-end visibility. Streamline Operations. We help the industries to increase efficiency and logistics, ensure safety, and reduce the frequency of downtime events. With a solution that maximizes operations’ productivity, businesses can focus on maximizing other […]

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The iTanks iSolutionsGuide offers an up-to-date and relevant overview of innovations, products and services that can make a difference in the port-related industry. From coating to complete installation and from consultancy service to automatic paint installation. There are a few rules of the game: It must be innovative, it must be about a product or […]

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