Advanced analytics 4 industry

De Challenge

DiagRAMS exploits and enhances production and maintenance data already present in the plant without adding sensors. With our innovation, it becomes possible to analyze data that were previously under-exploited, scattered in machines, PLC, softwares…in different source and formats. What if you can start your project by leveraging your existing data with a scalable solution ?

De Solution

Energy consumption reduction:
– Reduce consumption of electricity, compressed air, water…
– Optimize exploitation costs

Process optimization:
– Improve productivity and yields
– Maintain product quality under control

Root cause analysis:
– Identify the causes of underperformances or the origin of the failures
– Analyze complex phenomena

De Businesscase

Increase equipments availability:
DiagRAMS offers a turnkey solution for your assets health monitoring. It helps:
– avoid emergency interventions on your saturated equipment
– reduce unscheduled downtimes and critical breakdowns
– extend the intervals of preventive maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs:
DiagRAMS offers an AI solution to help establish a maintenance strategy based on the
actual state of wear and tear of the equipment. It allows to:
– prevent the systematic replacement of spare parts still in good condition because their
theoretical lifetime does not coincide with their actual wear
– prevent critical break

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