AnyWare Cloud

De Challenge

Our customers in various industries face different challenges. We see, for example, that fewer and fewer people are available to perform increasingly complex tasks. With our sustainable asset management ecosystem, we map out assets and connect them when there is added value. This way, we can see the status of the assets in real time on our platform.

In addition, we digitise the tasks in the digital twin. When we proactively or predictive detect a problem in an asset, an alarm and ticket are sent to the nearest technician, who can pick it up immediately. Of course, all measured values and manual actions are logged in the system.

De Solution

In control of your assets: Anytime, Anyway, AnyWare
AnyWare delivers an end-to-end solution to monitor your assets. Our wireless low-power devices combined with our platform and applications make it possible to monitor and control your assets AnyWare in the world. We deliver this total ecosystem as a service, plug and play.

From sensor device, gateway for PLC to cloud and application we can deliver the total solution end to end. Let’s start with sustainable assetmanagement and remote monitoring today!

De Businesscase

Our solution can enable proactive or predictive maintenance tasks. When this happens, our customer can move towards a 100% uptime.

In addition, our system can help any business to create and market services on their products and assets.

Remote monitoring of assets is the future!


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