Asset Improvement Program

De Challenge

Only 25% of Plants have a complete overview of the current state of their asset performance. Instead of looking at the bigger picture, it is easier to focus on dealing with tangible challenges such as:
 Production loss,
 Product loss/ waste,
 Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE),
 Inefficient workforce and too much man hours spent.

Although it is obvious that organization competences are key for asset performance, it is complicated to relate these. Our MaxGrip Asset Improvement Program helps with tackling these problems while also providing a full overview of the state of your asset performance.

De Solution

We map your plant’s asset performance management (APM) based on three dimensions:
1. Managerial dimension including financial aspects
2. Long-term asset condition
3. Short-term performance and maintenance workflow

The dimensions are mapped on people, technology, processes, and your ability to execute because we believe in connecting all the dots. We will also determine your maturity level which helps you in defining next steps and goals and your ability to achieve your goals.

Bekijk hier de pitch van Dennis van Wesemeal van MaxGrip

De Businesscase

Our Asset Improvement Mapping (AIM) delivers insights into your realistic saving potential. We will give you a benchmarked overview on all organizational levels. You will get a business case with substantiated KPI’s and ROI, quick wins and a long-term APM Master Plan. With low impact but high improvement potential MaxGrip creates your line of sight so you know where to AIM your focus confidently and effectively.

Typical improvement potentials that we find are:
 15% increased asset availability,
 80% reduction of failure risks,
 40% less equipment opened during turn-around,
 50% reduction of man hours on maintenance and inspection a


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