Augmented Reality + BIM

De Challenge

When planning a construction project it seems like we asume that there will be mistakes. Reworks cost in average per project are between 5 and 10% of the total project cots. That is too much, especially when according to Autodesk, half of it could have been avoided with better communication and information

De Solution

There are complicated tools out there, costly and difficult to use. We change everything by allowing everyone on site to visualise the models and all the elements inside precisely on site in Augmented Reality, using any phone or tablet.
Everyone knows how to use a phone and tablet and our product doesn’t require any specific training, We work to make your life easier and your projects more efficient. With GAMMA AR, you can visualise the objects in advance to avoid issues, you can identify issues in real time if any and you can assign tasks to other members of the team to manage the job site effectively.

De Businesscase

Prevent errors and rework
By bringing your BIM models to the construction site, you will be able to see what has to be built and where it is supposed to be located, for more efficiency in your projects.

Track progress
By documenting and monitoring the construction site, you will be able to keep an eye on the progress of your projects in few clicks.

Facilitate collaboration
Have a clear and transparent communication between all the stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity on your projects.

Documentation made simple
Our clients have reduced by over 75% the time that it takes them to document and verify progress and completion


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