De Challenge

Connecting Machines, Equipment, Devices, Sensors and other Assets to the Cloud enables data collection and propels Digital Transformation. Companies are embracing data driven decision making, or at least data supported decision making. With this data they can reduce outages, improve service, speed-up turn-arounds, create value and introduce new business models. Initiatives that enable connectivity often run into obstacles. The first obstacles reveal themselves in the selection phase, while others appear in the prototyping, testing, roll-out and scaling phases. In practice, many of these IoT projects fail or get stuck in the pilots.

De Solution

BACE enables Companies to connect their Assets to their Enterprise Systems in only a few weeks. It is a hardened, scalable, cost-effective, secure, future proof IoT Connector. BACE consists of a Hardware Module and a Cloud Application, which are fully integrated. The Hardware Module can be connected to the Asset with a multitude of protocols – wired or wireless. In the Cloud, data can be retrieved and sent through a RESTful API. In between BACE handles everything, including data transfer through the 2G, 4G or 5G cellular network. BACE offers world-wide coverage.

De Businesscase

BACE can be used during all phases of the Digital Transformation Process: in a Prototype created to assess the potential of IoT; in a Pilot during which the end-to-end functionalities can be tested and ROI can be confirmed; in a full-scale Implementation as a foundation for successful growth of the IoT solution. BACE is available in different packages – commercial models include SAAS and Licensing to alleviate concerns of vendor lock-in.


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