Chesterton Connect

De Challenge

How can you safely and conveniently monitor your rotating equipment’s operating conditions so you can better allocate resources to avoid unplanned downtime and asset failure?

De Solution

Chesterton Connect is a simple to use data acquisition tool that enables you to safely and conveniently monitor your process and equipment’s operating conditions. Using Bluetooth® technology and a robust design to withstand harsh environments, Chesterton Connect makes it easy to monitor: equipment vibration, surface temperature, process temperature​​ and process pressure​ all in one single unit. Combined with the user-friendly and cloud connected app allows you to connect to multiple sensors,​ providing you with a comprehensive view of your plant’s equipment health.

De Businesscase

Chesterton Connect provides 24/7 early detection of equipment and process instabilities saving time and money on unscheduled work and inspections.

A.W. Chesterton Co

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