Digital Inspections & Checks

De Challenge

Smartflow offers a solution for the following challenges:

Paper load; lack of real-time collaboration; slow knowledge-transfer; compliance issues; unsafe methods of capturing data; error-prone inspections reports; shadow IT; adding a layer of hazard to already challenging ways of working; lack of real-time information overview; high costs for delayed data reports; maintaining a safe and efficient collaboration; lack of standardization; slow productivity; inneficient operations; and a lack of work satisfaction.

De Solution

Smartflow is a SaaS solution used to digitalize inspections & checklists within the Energy, Petro, Maritime & TIC industries. Field workers use Smartflow to efficiently execute workflows and capture data that can be shared throughout the company or with partners in real time.

Our mission is to increase field workers’ safety through technology. We hope to equip field workers worldwide with the right digital solution so they work more efficiently cleaner, and safer.

What can you do with the Smartflow solution?
– Digitize inspections & checklists anytime & anywhere
– Develop your own digital inspection model
– Digitize ISGOTT Processes

De Businesscase

Smartflow reduces paper loads and nurture an echo-friendly way of working by fully replacing paper. Our customers have shortened their time filling up checklists fron 45 minutes to just 15 minutes, leaving them time to fill up three times more inspection forms. Smartflow enables real-time collaboration & communicatin in the app leading to less accidents or hazardous events, increasing workers’ safety. All data is fully transparent in the dashboard for all stakeholders involved. Smartflow offers a standard solution that allows personalization based on customers’ tailored needs allowing companies to create their own inspection model.


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