Digital Turnaround Management: Deliver cost-efficient shutdown and turnaround projects

De Challenge

Do you know that cost overruns and schedule delays are a recurring problem of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages and out of 100, only 32 projects are successfully implemented? Poorly executed turnarounds have a huge cost implication on companies in terms of loss of market share and revenue. However, many organizations are struggling to unlock the performance improvement of turnarounds. This is mainly caused by the assumptions and methods that are developed using the tools of yesterday.

De Solution

Cleopatra Enterprise is a digital and fully integrated solution for turnaround management that ensures your shutdown and turnaround projects are delivered on time and within budget. The solution includes work package management, scope management, cost estimating, contract management, tendering, scheduling, field change management, cost control, benchmarking and a turnaround cost database in one system. The advanced solution has seamless integration with Excel, providing quick and easy data transfer. You can import project information as an input and export turnaround cost data from Cleopatra to another system. It also integrates with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, SAP as well as other 3rd party systems to improve your work processes and provide efficient use of big data. With our cloud technology, you can secure your turnaround cost data online and access and manage your turnarounds everywhere.

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De Businesscase

To keep up with the pace in today’s world, organizations need to go with the flow of the current digital revolution. Such transformation can make turnarounds and maintenance more predictable, efficient & cost effective. The digital Turnaround Management Solution Cleopatra Enterprise helps you complete turnaround projects on time and within budget. With Cleopatra, you have a unique combination of tools in one system, providing an integrated solution for the total turnaround lifecycle. For instance, you can instantly take your cost estimate as the basis for your project controls document. After executing the turnaround project, you will be able to benchmark several similar projects and assets to discover trends in key cost drivers. With the feedback loop from benchmarking to estimating, you will improve the accuracy and reliability of the future cost estimates and more. Cleopatra also provides configurable dashboard reporting that can clearly present the status of your STO, giving the management team timely warning signals, showing live plots, cost reports, key metrics, KPI’s and much more.

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