eShell global asset tracking

De Challenge

Not knowing the location and conditions hinders planning operations, its execution and the margins. When the conditions are not as anticipated, correcting the situation requires reactive work, if it can be still amended. Mainly in logistics, fleet management and insurance.

De Solution

Transparency over the asset conditions in real-time to know the exact location, shocks, manipulations and temperature. Anywhere in the world. The data enables automations for operations and reporting utilization, conditions and the environmental footprint. The IoT tracker battery enables monitoring your assets for up to 10 years. The devices can be managed remotely online on a web platform and API, and all collected data is displayed transparently.

De Businesscase

A measured ROI higher than 100% based on anticipating work, optimizing operations and automating reporting in:
– Tracking shipments, its conditions and reporting to the stakeholders
– Fleets uptime: vehicles, cranes, containers, wagons, trailers, cassettes…
– Route optimization in the first and last mile
– Claims handling of shipments, cargo and assets
– Cold chain monitoring


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