Fouling Release Tape

De Challenge

Fouling is the term used to describe the undesired growth of organisms on ship hulls and other structures or surfaces under water. This growth is a well-known problem in the maritime industry because it leads to more weight, increased fuel costs, emissions and structural damage to objects and surfaces.

Biocidal paints are established on the market to prevent the growth and settlement of any organisms under water. However, they are constantly releasing toxins and need to be re-sprayed at regular intervals. This type of fouling control is effective, but expensive, not economically and ecologically a disaster.

De Solution

The fouling release tape
The tape has a amphiphobic block polymer surface based on silicone which is so repellent that it is very difficult for fouling to settle on the surface.
Even if growth occurs on the surface, it can be removed with ease, or it falls off by itself from a certain weight or a high enough water flow.

The tape can be applied to all cylindrical and rotationally symmetrical surfaces. Even under water.

De Businesscase

Reduced coating time by 95% (no drying times as with an antifouling paint)
– Coating can be automated (Industry 4.0)
– Easy to apply / wind up.
– Easily renewable

Technical superiority
– First product that can be coated under water
– Remains flexible over the entire life cycle

– Protects against fouling (underwater growth) for up to 5 years
– Solvent-free
– No biocides


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