Haptic Maritime Controls

De Challenge

85% of all shipping incidents can be traced back to human error. This is the result of ships getting equipped with loads of high-tech information and automation systems, ironically making them more and more complex to be controlled. However, the availability of these systems leads to incidents being blamed on the human operator. Even though the cause lies neither with the information systems nor the human operator, but in the way information is being transferred to the human operator. This is done through audio and visuals, sensory channels that are already occupied by the task at hand, causing distractions and dangerous situations.

De Solution

By establishing an intuitive information transfer through forces and vibrations in maritime controls, Smart-Ship is contributing to increased safety, sustainability and efficiency. Our technology allows operators to focus on their tasks while receiving valuable information through the ships controls. Such as feeling thresholds or warning vibrations when the operator is encountering dangerous situations or simply communicating an eco-friendly sailing speed. Furthermore, it allows for over-the-air updates, a one-time hardware installation, integration with third-party information systems and a high degree of autonomy (onboard and remotely).

De Businesscase

Using the Smart-Ship solution leads to an increase in safety, sustainability and efficiency. Through a direct link between the information systems and the operator, the transferred information is intuitive and processed instantly.
We do this by making operators feel warning signals and thresholds in their controls in real-time whenever they are encountering dangerous situations or simply when they are looking for an eco-friendly sailing and acceleration speed.

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