Hefring Marine

De Challenge

Seafarers face the natural elements that can be difficult to predict and dangerous. Navigation is a skill that is difficult to master. Predicting conditions ahead and responding appropriately to different situations can put operators in a challenging situation. This applies whether on boat or ship. Improper experience and awareness, speed and conditions all play a part in increasing risk for crew and passengers. The challenge involves having better means to plan, monitor and make decisions.

De Solution

Hefring Marine is an intelligent navigation support solution. It monitors vessel behaviour, motions and conditions, looks into weather and sea conditions to make better predictions and provides adaptive and optimized speed, route and decision support to improve trip safety, comfort and efficiency. It keeps a log of all trip data to keep track of operations, provide in depth analysis and learnings.

De Businesscase

The solution improves safety for crew and passengers, limiting risk of serious accidents and injuries. On high-speed boats it has been shown to reduce impacts by 60-70%. It is estimated that the solution can lead to cost reductions of 10-30% per year. Savings can be achieved from improved insurance premiums, better planning and routing, reduced damage and maintenance risk.

Hefring ehf.

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