De Challenge

Currently, 80+% of an industrial surveyors time is spent on repetitive tasks. This is time that can be spent on abstract, harder to solve issues.

With manual inspections, human error is also at large, where less accurate and missed classifications of damages can occur.

De Solution

Mavisoft has been able to tackle this challenge through our product Infrascan.

Infrascan is the most advanced automated damage detection platform, which uses AI to create 3D digital twin models of assets being surveyed, while showing the severity of each damage.

By incorporating different technologies such as computer vision, photogrammetry and point cloud analysis, Infrascan orchestrates these componts through a platform that can be used by any asset stakeholder.

De Businesscase

Our solution is able to streamline the surveying and inpsection process through automation, while revolutionizing the asset management industry.

Infrascan costs 38% less than traditional surveying methods, and is a more affordable and insightful way of surveying using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

Infrascan also takes a mere 20% of the time that traditional surveyors use.


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