In-Service tank inspection

De Challenge

Why open the tank for inspection when its integrity can perfectly well be determined during operation? Tank owners can significantly reduce the costs of inspections to avoid down time, cleaning costs and (off-spec) product waste. NO MAN-ENTRY required anymore.

De Solution

Intero operates a suite of innovative inspection solutions that can be deployed while the tank remains in operation.
We have pioneered non-man entry tank floor inspection deploying advanced robot technologies. Since 1997 we have successfully inspected over 1000 storage tank floors with a wide range of robots that are fully regulated, compliant and UL/ATEX approved. All our robots use state-of-the-art sensor technology, performing accurate ultrasonic bottom thickness measurements while the tank remains in service. All our inspections are done according to industry standards including API-653 / EEMUA-159, and where required use intrinsically’s.

De Businesscase

Our inspection solutions collect accurate data that gives insight into the integrity of your storage tank during operations. Combining these inspections give you information that you could normally only obtain by taking the tank out of service. This enables accurate planning of maintenance, avoids unplanned shut downs, and can extend inspection intervals to increase the availability of your storage capacity.

Our vision is to help storage tank owners optimize asset space efficiently, use natural resources responsibly, and constantly maximize safety.

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