LYNX sandblasting = less noise

De Challenge

Long-term exposure to noise caused by high speed air sandblasting is potentially harmful. Problems with HSE caused by sandblasting and other surface treatment have therefore resulted in extra focus on the development of hearing protection, but good solutions to the problem itself have not been available on the market … until now!

De Solution

Lynx is a new type of noise-cancelling blow nozzle that reduces noise by up to 11 dB compared to competing products. On a logarithmic scale, this corresponds to a whopping 92 percent reduction in the energy generated by the noise. In pressure level measurements at 4-7 bar, Lynx excelled at volume levels of 95.1–98.6 dB.

De Businesscase

A volume level of 95.1–98.6 dB means significantly improved utilization and efficiency.

Volume levels down to 95 dB reduce the noise load and thus the risk of noise damage, including for other workers nearby, provided that proper hearing protection is used.

LYNX by Norserv has been repeatedly tested by customers and objective third parties. The innovation is based on more than 30 years of experience and solid technical expertise. Optimisation of wear resistance was focused on in product development and so service life will be close to double that of similar nozzles


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