Magnetic Crawlers for Blasting

De Challenge

Storage tanks are designed to house substances (such as fuel, food products, water, and more) for varied periods of time throughout the production and distribution processes. The process of Storage tank cleaning is extremely important for any production/distribution system and unfortunately, it can be a hazardous and expensive task requiring much time and manpower, whether one is cleaning inside the tank or the outside.

De Solution

Fortunately, the solutions available at VertiDrive focus on cost-effectiveness and the minimization of health hazards with the goal of helping to make your business and surface preparation activities as profitable as possible. VertiDrive is the world-leading innovative company for magnetic robot crawlers with applications such as hydroblasting (water jetting, UHP blasting), abrasive blasting (wet/dry), and more.

Our robots adhere to steel by a magnetic drive assembly and can move independently in all directions: up, down, sideways, and even overhead. This enables you to perform various jobs while staying safely on the ground.

De Businesscase

Our robots offer significant advantages over traditional surface preparation and industrial cleaning methods.
– Savings up to 92%
– Multi-purpose
– No need for scaffolding or cherry pickers
– Turns the work into a one-man job
– Safe, clean, and efficient operations
– Closed systems are available
– Low maintenance robots
– User friendly
– ATEX Zone II

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