Manway Cut Device

De Challenge

Traditionally cutting jobs include hot work activities such as plasma or laser cutting. Mourik has eliminated the hazards associated with those methods with the application of waterjet cutting.

De Solution

When we use our Manway Cut Device, we attach a temporary manhole to the wall of the tank using high quality suitable magnets. The use of this method means that adaptation of the tank wall is not necessary. Within this temporary manhole a separate integrated powered cutting device is mounted with a cutting nozzle. Once attached, the hatch of the temporary manhole is closed and an inert environment created using nitrogen, after which the hole is cut in the tank using abrasive waterjet cutting. After cutting the hole, the integrated cutting device can be easily removed and our Non-Entry Tank Cannon can be mounted to clean the tank. After cleaning the tank, the temporary manway will be replaced with permanent manway, which can be accurately welded precisely in place.

De Businesscase

In addition to safety improvements, the use of waterjet cutting increases accuracy and allows work to be carried out from a safe distance.

Mourik Industry

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