NEON Temperature Sensor

De Challenge

What makes Industrial IoT truly beneficial, are the valuable new data points it offers whilst monitoring key elements in industrial processes. Especially when easily installed (retrofittable) and provisioned in seconds. This is exactly what TWTG NEON Temperature Sensor does. It provides insight into temperature changes, on almost every industrial asset, instantly. All in the reliable NEON form factor that comes as a battery powered, IECEx Class 1 / ATEX Zone 1 certified1 I-IoT device, communicating wirelessly via LoRaWAN.

De Solution

Measures surface temperature and alerts on temperature differences. TWTG NEON Temperature Sensor can be attached to existing infrastructure and monitors changes in temperature. These insights can positively benefit operations. Currently it is in use at several industrial sites on insulated oil storage terminals and on transportation pipes but the solution can be used in various other scenarios. In oil storage, it monitors the contained product temperature to reach the desired viscosity for easy transportation and to ensure the product properties.

De Businesscase

Having access to temperature information regularly and being able to establish changes in the temperature of equipment quickly and early on in the process allows operators to make better decisions and intervene faster in cases of incidents. Faster reaction times may make the difference between running a safe operation or having to spend valuable time on issue resolution.


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