NEON Temperature Transmitter

De Challenge

Knowledge is the basis of good decision making. TWTG NEON Temperature Transmitter is designed to be implemented within minutes and to transmit the signal for monitoring purposes by being connected to an industrial thermocouple or PT100. The device can be connected to a thermocouple via an M12 connector with an up to three meter long extension cable. It uses on-board intelligence to determine average values over userdetermined time scales to provide insights that can be used directly within existing systems.

De Solution

The NEON Temperature Transmitter andthermocouple assembly can be installed to existing assets and monitors changes or absolute extremes in temperature. By monitoring these on a variety of locations, insights can positively benefit operations. With the industrial thermocouple or PT100 connected, extremely low temperatures can be measured, such as hydrogen or high temperatures that are found within furnaces, and everything in between. All in the reliable NEON form factor that comes as a battery powered, IECEx / ATEX Zone 1 certified I-IoT device, communicating wirelessly via LoRaWAN.

De Businesscase

Having access to temperature information regularly, even if these are extreme, and being able to establish changes in the temperature of equipment quickly and early on in the process allows operators to make better decisions and intervene faster in cases of incidents. Faster reaction times may make the difference between running a safe operation or having to spend valuable time on issue resolution.


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