NEON Valve Sensor MT

De Challenge

Having reliable information available is the essence of good
decision making to ensure safety in working environments,
especially in industrial sites. As a result, businesses will run more
efficiently and operations will be streamlined. TWTG’s Industrial
IoT-connected valve sensors provide this insight. This solution is
tailor made for multi-turn valves.

De Solution

Tailor made for multi-turn / 360° valves. Add-on intelligence that increases insight, safety and avoids spillage for industrial valves. Manually operated valves require to be regularly checked and controlled which can be facilitated by digitisation. Monitoring these assets will avoid spillage and / or contaminations, and thus increase safety on-site. Communications via a privately hosted LoRaWAN – IoT network ensures IT security is a given and the total cost of ownership can be minimised. As valves are most often operated in environments with explosive atmospheres, all TWTG valve sensors are ATEX zone 1 / IECEx class 1 certified.

De Businesscase

Low cost and quick installation plus tailor made for large
deployments: The NEON devices provide immediate insight, and should any anomaly occur, an operator is alerted to investigate, saving further time and effort. The virtually unlimited scalability of LoRaWAN allows industrial sites to install any amount of sensors to the network in the
future. This approach automates assets in a cost-efficient and simple way, empowering operators to use relayed data to make informed decisions. The low power aspect of a LoRa network allows devices to run solely on batterypower for up to five years, negating any need for wires and cables. And the ATEX certification ensures that the devices can be safely used in hazardous environments.


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