NEON Product Line: Valve Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Vibration Sensor and Temperature Transmitter

De Challenge

Industrial sites, such as tank terminals and refineries, are very manually operated organisations today. This means that only rarely are large amounts of data and information available remotely. Manual operations lead to health and safety hazards and are prone to human error. Hence having solutions that remove or reduce the need for manual checks and provide clarity about operational assets remotely, will increase the efficiency and the safety of these sites.

De Solution

All devices within the NEON Product Line are LoRaWAN-based sensors that allow customers to understand the status of their assets remotely. This can be whether valves are open or closed, what the temperature of the storage tanks or pipes is and of rotating equipment is running the expected way. It is the general aim of these solutions to provide information of these states remotely to increase the efficiency and above all the safety of the workers on any industrial site and in doing so to support the creation of the digital twin.

De Businesscase

Customers that are currently operating under the four-eyes principle will be able to remove these tasks to utilise operators more appropriately. Spillages, which are not only costly but additionally can have detrimental impacts on the image of an organisation, can be avoided, therefore contributing further to the third bottom line, the corporate social responsibility. An organisation that puts the safety of its people and the environment first is considered to be an employer of choice.


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