NEON Vibration Sensor

De Challenge

Condition-based monitoring for Industry 4.0 assets. In many industrial sites there are a variety of assets being used regularly without clear and timely information about their health status. The future of asset performance management is changing. It is becoming ever more digitised with data collected from Industrial IoT sensors providing insight and knowledge.

De Solution

The NEON Vibration Sensor sends alerts to maintenance engineers, as soon as assets, such as engines, conveyor belts, and pumps start to fail. This sets off a trigger when a change of amplitude is detected in the vibration spectrum or when outliers in the data occur. An engineer is alerted to check on this asset to prevent it from failure or long-term damage, which saves costs and ensures operational uptime. Now, assets which are not under constant supervision from operators, can be monitored around the clock, even within hazardous environments that require ATEX certifications.

De Businesscase

The regular vibration indication of velocity and acceleration provices general insight into the health status of rotating equipment. If however the pattern is not as expected, engineers can drill into the FFT data to gain better insight and then check on the assets, based on the information gathered remotely. Evaluating the pattern can provide insight into general shortcomming in the maintenance, which can then be changed, based on the facts gathered. Additionally, maintenance behaviour and performance can be adjusted to real information gathered, rather than based on routine tasks at regular intervals.


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