Underwater Drones

De Challenge

Operating with an ROV saves manpower and, moreover, no activities are carried out in accordance with the procedure “working in enclosed spaces”. By using ROVs, inspections can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively.

De Solution

In connection with poorly accessible or diving-hazardous locations, the use of an ROV (underwater robot) is desirable, it can always be used for camera inspections under the waterline, basins and in (sprinkler) tanks. The ROV has an HDD camera and lighting as standard and can be equipped with a gripper, ultrasonic thickness gauge, etc. on request.

Watch this video for a short demonstration.

De Businesscase

Inspection Robots is your specialist in the field of underwater inspections. We are there for you from A to Z. You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Our core business therefore consists of:

  • Inspecting sprinkler tanks and basements under the protocol TB67B type B inspections;
  • Taking care of TB80 pipe inspections and possibly cleaning and re-coating it;
  • Inspecting various underwater profiles (divers, locks, water intakes, etc.) with both camera and sonar;
  • Providing inspections for underwater asset management;
  • Determining the remaining wall thickness of sheet piling and steel braking works;
  • Recording the degradation of concrete elements;
  • Cleaning underwater objects by means of cavitation;
  • Assisting in searches for sunken objects.

We can perform inspections in a safe manner.


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