De Challenge

You’re not alone in wanting to maximise the efficiency of your loading processes while minimising your environmental impact. By inserting process parameters of oil tanking operations into Ortelium, the system provides data intelligence on how the odour and other air pollution disperses into the environment, and provides recommendations on how to adapt operations to reduce or even prevent alert situations. Do you want to reduce emission-based complaints while keeping your oil tanking and loading processes optimised? Do you want to understand how the impact of your emissions is affected by changing weather conditions? Ortelium is your tool.

De Solution

Ortelium calculates and visualizes the dispersion of your emissions on a digital map in order to monitor and forecast possible impacts of your operations. Ortelium warns you once a defined monitoring area (e.g. neighbourhood) is expected to be impacted by your emissions and complaint situations are likely to occur. This allows you to pro-actively initiate appropriate actions to avoid odour and air pollution incidents before they occur or look for the right window-of-opportunity to run high emission operations at times in which environmental impacts are minimized.

De Businesscase

Better grip on emission dispersion is needed to avoid complaints, as these may result in temporary working restrictions, fines or in the worst case permit withdrawal. Ortelium users from the oil tanking & storage industry stated that dynamic modelling and forecasting helps them optimise their loading processes while taking care of their environmental footprint and complying with regulatory policies. Linking the data generated with other Ortelium data channels, such as resident observations or sensor data, allows you to facilitate complaint investigation and to support your proof-of-claim when you are not responsible for specific complaints.

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