Pipe Labels & Asset Tags

De Challenge

1) Pipe Marking and Asset Tagging is normally an integral part of a plant process & safety labelling strategy. Nowadays it should also be an integral part of the plan digitization / industry 4.0 strategy, but more than often this is forgotten which leads to re-labelling & tagging of certain pipelines and assets, increasing costs of engineering, material (re-)productions and installation execution.
2) Corrosion under labelling (CUL), fading, and not performing pipe labels, associated with adhesive based pipe labels
3) Costs associated with above mentioned (re)works may be a moving target, fluctuating during execution

De Solution

1) QR/NFC/RFID embedded Pipe Labels and Tags that support the MOC processes and digitalization efforts
2) Non-Adhesive based Pre-Coiled Pipe Labels that bring long-term benefits to plant-owner & operators
3) Total Cost of Ownership by adopting a proven concept of applying non-adhesive based, removable/reusable labels executed by a Turnkey labelling contractor can be decreased substantially.

De Businesscase

Applying MS-995 Pre-Coiled Pipe Marking, MS-995 Carriers with inclusion of QR/NFC/RFID technology benefits not only the overall plant labelling costs, but also the operations, inspections, etc.

Shell, Covestro, BP, BASF, Huntsman, Air Liquide, ExxonMobil, Petronas, etc. have all adopted Marking Services engineered labelling solutions & products. Its a proven concept and ready to be introduced and rolled out to Petrochemical Players looking for an innovative plant labelling strategy that may be different from what may be known.

Marking Services Netherlands B.V.

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