De Challenge

Corrosion Under Insulation has been challenging industries ever since pipelines and other assets were first insulated. These industries include oil and gas, chemical processing, pulp and paper, steel mill, power generation, as well as cryogenic services such as an LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) plant. Often the major cause of many of the industries’ most costly problems, leakage or pipe failures caused by CUI can have a significant impact on health, safety and the environment. It can also force unexpected shutdowns, resulting in lost production.

De Solution

While the use of modular construction is becoming increasingly popular, it often means modular assets are exposed to an ambient temperature, corrosive environment for longer and are at risk of transport and handling damage.
Asset owners, designers and fabricators require parts to be pre-coated with a CUI coating to meet new construction (ambient) as well as operating conditions (extreme temperatures). The CUI coating solution also needs to provide cracking, delamination and general wear resistance to minimize the risk of transportation damage.

De Businesscase

PPG HI-TEMP 1027 HD is a high-build product. This means it provides 250-300μm (10-12 mils) dry film thickness in one coat vs. two coats of alternative coatings, reducing application time and increasing production efficiency.
With excellent hardness development (2-3x harder than alternative solutions), it will improve your project throughput, reduce handling damage and be ready for transport in a day.

PPG HI-TEMP 1027 HD provides excellent corrosion resistance in ambient temperatures throughout long construction windows.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

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