De Challenge

Jiangsu Luneng Dongtai 200 MW Offshore Wind Power Plant is located 34km offshore in the East China Sea. Its operation condition is complex, influenced by coastal climate, splashes, salt mist and acid rain. The fifty grounded, monopole foundations needed effective coating protection for corrosion resistance, color- and gloss retention, and an extended protection life cycle in the extreme coastal environment. In addition to coating protection, the owner had to achieve project commencement and grid connection for power generation within a year. The critical timescale resulted in a shorter construction time period, where fast cure was essential.

De Solution

It was critical on this project to use an effective coating solution that would strengthen the performance and quality of the coating to improve the cost effectiveness of coating protection under various extreme environments. Our PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 high-build, surface-tolerant epoxy coating can greatly reduce the time and costs spent on surface preparation during fabrication. The coating’s excellent abrasion resistance also provides effective protection for the most challenging and demanding service conditions.

De Businesscase

Benefits of two coats – in a single coat As a fast-drying, single-coat system, the PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 product accelerates the application process to minimize downtime. Application is simplified by its high surface tolerance (suitable for damp- or wet-blast clean substrates), extended recoat window, and the high film thickness that is achieved in one coat. Our PPG SIGMASHIELD 880 coating’s superior resistance to abrasion, impact, corrosion and seawater prolongs service life and protects assets in some of the world’s most severe environments.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

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