Remote Oil Spill Detector

De Challenge

Many oil spills remain undetected for many hours even days before it is noticed. Some spills happen from illegal discharges at night and by the time it is noticed it is impossible to determine where the spill came from. These discharges are a danger to the environment and are costly to clean up.

De Solution

By installing our early warning system, spills are detected in real-time and allow operators to react quickly to prevent damage to the environment & reducing the risk of large fines. Our SS100LED will even detect spills at night and can detect as little as 1 micron (the detection rate is adjustable). They can be integrated into any PLC or send alarms via email, text or with a visual alarm. Operating in the background like a smoke alarm in your home, giving peace of mind.

De Businesscase

The installation of the SS100LED will reduce Insurance premiums and also improve the environmental profile of the company. Just one detection will cover the cost of the installation and save hundreds of thousands of Euros. Just 1 hour of an undetected spill can add over €100,000 to the cost of cleaning up costs.

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