Remote Senior IT Experts (Technical & non-Technical ) & Cybersecurity Specialists from Africa

De Challenge

With the current scarcity of IT talent, it takes an average of 1-2 months for companies to find suitable Senior IT talent. Companies have to go through lengthy governmental procedures to bring in foriegn experts, which is costly, a time consuming process and requires Intense government regulations. The opportunity cost of inaction within these months is a loss for European companies

De Solution

Within 24hrs we provide remote senior IT Experts (Technical & non Technical) & Cybersecurity Specialists from Africa that are able to form part of your software development team. We provide outstaffing of our IT experts and Outsourcing of software development projects. With our Hybrid remote model, we are able to bring the developer to you for 1 month every six months.

De Businesscase

With over 850 vetted and validated senior IT experts in the most in demand roles such as DevOps, Blockchain, ERP/ CRM specialists, Mobile & Cross-Platform (Flutter/React-native) Developers we are able to provide you with a remote developer in hours and not months. Our Legal, recruitment and in house IT team are set up in Africa to ensure we  are compliant with local hiring &  contracting laws in source countries enabling us to facilitate payments and payroll to our developers, thus managing the risk

By engaging our services you are also helping us bridge the opportunity gap and contributing to economic growth and development in disadvantaged communities across the globe. Our business  supports the  Zwart Talent Foundation, with the aim to build the biggest tech hub in Africa and provide entrepreneurship support and free Tech education for young talent.


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