Saltrex Commodity Auctions

De Challenge

Manufacturers, logistics service providers and their insurers are confronted daily with damaged but still usable raw materials or surplus stock that has to be disposed of. Unusable for the owner, but for other parties, the remainder can still have a lot of value. These goods are given a valuable second chance via the transparent and safe platform of Saltrex Auctions.

De Solution

With their Auctions platform, Saltrex provides a secure, simple, independent and compliant online B2B auction platform for all parties with an interest in surplus, secondary or distressed commodities and cargoes. By joining Saltrex, you benefit from our global network and presence in the international trading- , shipping-, and insurance community. The Saltrex Auctions platform can be joined free of charge and requires an easy, one-time registration and admission process that every member of Saltrex must undergo.

De Businesscase

Instead of a damaged batch of coffee beans being destroyed or dumped on the market at rock-bottom prices, Saltrex can easily find a more sustainable and financially attractive alternative. Not only damaged lots or surplus stock are traded, stocks from the bankruptcy of companies dealing with commodities are also sold via the auction platform.
Saltrex brings together sellers and buyers from all over the world in a transparent and safe environment. Traders, insurers, experts and companies can come into direct contact with each other and act fast on realising results.

Saltrex Auctions

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