De Challenge

There is a lack of transparency in shipping container transport, this effects claims, inspections times and the customer experience.

False claims have become so dangerous as inspections and maintenance of containers are still being conducted on a very rudementary basis. This method is time-consuming and allows for human-error which can be avoided.

The current human inspection process is risky, expensive and slow.

De Solution

ScanTainr provides the tool to optimize these inspections and quickly deliver standardized container inspection reports under 5 seconds, at a fraction of the cost.

Scantainr is an affordable solution for conducting damage surveying on dry van , tank , and reefer containers.
Built in accordance with the ISO CEDEX regime, Scantainr has over 20 different types of damage classification, including zoning, and volume measurements. Repair estimations and severity classifications allows for repair and maintenance management, in addition to claims and liability

De Businesscase

ScanTainr increases container throughput, while improving safety and saving costs through automation and our repair management platform. The generated inspection reports are used in quality assurance, claim handeling and repair estimation.

Save Costs, Increase Safety, Improve Customer Experience


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