Spontaneous Leak Detection

De Challenge

Reduce environmental risk with Spontaneous Leak Detection Service. With Spontaneous Leak Detection, operators can now detect small leaks within seconds and take corrective actions quicker to minimize product loss and environmental impacts. Our technology can detect leaks typically in range of 1/2 to 2 inches.

De Solution

Siemens Energy has partnered with ProFlex’s technology to help customers pinpoint small leaks fast and avoid environmental and regulatory issues. The Siemens Energy Spontaneous Leak Detection Service Powered by ProFlex is a subscription service provided by Siemens Energy for detection of spontaneous leaks in pipelines, gathering systems and offshore risers. The service is based on Siemens Energy IoT architecture and leverages advanced data processing algorithms from our partner ProFlex to identify and localize small leaks within real-time.

De Businesscase

Reduce risk and time to act to minimise environmental impact of leaks. Minimize disruptions to pipeline operations and minimize the amount of your staff’s time required to get the Spontaneous Leak Detection solution operational.

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