Unpiggable MFL – Pipe Explorer

De Challenge

When it comes to the inspection of your company’s pipelines, challenging infrastructure often forces tough choices. As an example, terminal and facility pipes are often not set up for traditional inline inspection. As a result, many of these pipes have never been “pigged” previously.

De Solution

Self-propelled, remotely controlled, and fully articulated, Pipe Explorer goes where most cannot.

Our ground-breaking technology is the result of a research and development program led by Northeast Gas Association/NYSEARCH, and refinement by our own R&D capabilities.

With a minimal footprint; the ability to operate in active pipelines, both low pressure or no pressure; and by collecting comprehensive multipoint data in one pass – Pipe Explorer is the standard against which all others should be compared.

Tool availability from 6” up to 36”

De Businesscase

Our fleet of Pipe Explorer’s advanced robots are at the heart of the value we bring our customers. Fully-articulated and tetherless, Pipe Explorer provides comprehensive data that is comparable if not superior to more conventional pipeline inspection methods, enabling visual and non-destructive inspection with multipoint data collection of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines as well as liquid terminals, facilities, and stations regardless of the difficulty of the location or complexity of the pipeline.

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