Virtu Zonnethermie

De Challenge

More energy, less space!

As environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns move up the corporate agenda, VenFeld Energy Solutions helps organisations to hit sustainability targets whilst enhancing financial outcomes.

De Solution

Virtu PVT and Virtu HOT, enables businesses and property owners to improve energy efficiency standards by significantly reducing of CO2 emissions. VenFeld’s Virtu represents a whole new category of solar technology enabling businesses to lower operating costs and produce substantially more sustainable, on-site energy from the space available.

De Businesscase

Virtu PVT and Virtu HOT benefits from a unique modular design, generating both solar heat and power from the available space. Using the same collector (Virtu PVT) for combined heat and power production, means reduced cost of materials and installation, improving returns and enhancing asset values. A positive contribution to every business case, both qualitative (sustainability goals) and quantitative (lower costs).

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