Voliro T Flying Robot

De Challenge

Safety and efficiency are paramount to various industries. Traditional methods for inspections, cleaning etc. often expose workers to unnecessary risks while conducting work at height and involve considerable additional infrastructure such as scaffolds, as well as asset downtime. Our flying inspection robot is an innovative solution, allowing our customers to improve the quality of their inspections and preserve their assets. By choosing Voliro’s flying inspection robot, our customers increase the safety of their workers, while significantly reducing inspection costs. Visual and contact-based inspections can be conducted more frequently, and asset maintenance as a whole is significantly improved.

Our flying robot can be equipped with a large variety of payloads, such as sensors and spraying systems, which enable us to adjust our drone to the special needs of our customers. Being able to apply forces up to 2 kg in any direction enables us to conduct NDT inspection on complex objects and surfaces. With our tilting rotor-system, we can keep the position and, therefore, the sensor or spraying system stable while moving and correcting for wind interference.

De Solution

Voliro AG offers an innovative flying robot design with unique capabilities never before seen on the market. Our flying inspection robot is an omnidirectional platform with the unique capability to approach, touch, and interact with the environment. This shifts the abilities of service drones from “fly and see” to “fly, see and touch”.

This novel ability to interact with the environment through a flying platform opens the door to large markets where construction or maintenance tasks require additional infrastructure. Such tasks include non-destructive infrastructure inspection where a sensor is often required to be in contact with structures, spraying fluids for cleaning, and painting and coating surfaces. Our current focus is on inspection tasks.

De Businesscase

We protect and maintain critical infrastructure by delivering high quality, cost-effective and time-efficient robotic inspection and maintenance solutions. Our powerful aerial robotics platform is supported by a strong ecosystem of applications delivered via our own and third-party capabilities.

Voliro works with inspection service-providers and asset owners by offering the Voliro T flying inspection robot under a subscription-based model.

Voliro AG

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