VRU replacement – truck loading

De Challenge

Refineries and tank farms use Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) to treat vapors. The VRU system can be membrane or activated carbon technology or both in a row. However, these systems require regular inspection and – in the case of activated carbon – also a change of the carbon bed. During this time, a replacement is necessary to continue the charging process. It prevents pollution of the environment with hydrocarbon emissions.

De Solution

The mobile degassing solution developed by ENDEGS can be used anywhere. The solution saves time and money and can be placed close to the maintenance site, releasing the vapors into the atmosphere. Furthermore, ENDEGS has developed work processes that are also patented to minimize the overall risk and increase the level of safety. The mobile combustion unit from ENDEGS is in any case able to process the vapors from tanks, vacuum trucks and/or mobile liquid storage tanks without being disturbed by noise, open fire or odor from the environment. In addition to the mobile combustion unit for degassing the vapor released during maintenance, ENDEGS’ highly skilled operator monitors the process and ensures safe operation for all workers involved.

De Businesscase

The added value delivered from ENDEGS is first of all a legal compliance operation for the industry and generates safe working procedures for everyone involved. Besides of safety the protection of the environment is another top priority.


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