Wireless sensor network inside the lighting infrastructure

De Challenge

Lighting inside your facility is crucial for operations, maintenance and the safety inside your facility. Normally all TL lights are always on, consume 24×7 energy just to make sure safety is guaranteed. The TL lights consume, relatively, a lot of energy, require regular maintenance and tubes to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.
But light should not be on top of your mind, it should be there, similar to electricity and other utilities. Light inside the industry should be considered a utility and models such as Light on Demand and Lumen on Demand are requested.

De Solution

We have developed a SmartLED for the industry (ATEX 1/21 certified, HCCAP, and in the future ATEX 0/21 and M1), integrating sensors and connectivity inside our LED lights and are able to deliver Lumen on Demand, light is there where you need it when you need it and light is off when it is not required.
And the wireless sensor network can be utilized for other sensors as well, secure and plug and play. This allows you to take a step towards digitization, your digital twin, adding low cost sensors over a network which is there, included inside your lighting infrastructure almost free of charge.
Besides SmartLED and our sensor network we also provide Wi-Fi inside the plant and our Sensor Hubs to wirelessly connect a variety of sensors.

Watch the innovation pitch from PSPL here.

De Businesscase

Compared to TL lights, when light on demand is fully utilized, there is ROI of 2 years for our solution and besides the financial benefit there are also safety benefits. The Light on Demand engine tracks (anonymously) the position of employees however we include man-down functionality in the sensor and in case of slips, trips, non-movement, and pressing a button an alarm will be given to the control room.
Additionally SMI LED light approaches day-light and we guarantee lumen over time which increases workplace safety, lifetime of our LED lights is 15 years which reduces maintenance, replacement, and working at height. And utilizing the wireless sensor network you can add sensors to digitize the plant which is far less expensive compared to cables solutions or competitive wireless solutions for the industry e.g. WirelessHart, 4G, 5G.


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