XL tanks in stainless steel

De Challenge

Transporting of large tanks by road is often a challenge. Even Shipment by water can be limited or even impossible. Moving one or a series of tanks from the production hall to its final destination can prove to be an enormous challenge. Therefore instead of constructing a tank in the production hall and transporting installation on a client’s premises we at Gpi Tanks XL construct stainless steel tanks on site.

De Solution

Our proprietary coil building system enables us to work efficiently on sites around the world – we produce the complete tank on site. In a multiple tanks on site project, we construct multiple tanks at the same time on the construction site. A number of containers of material and machinery are transported to the location, together with the team (which includes welders). Once at the location, we set up our proprietary coil building system on site as the basis for the tank construction. Tanks are constructed step by step from the bottom. All work is carried out efficiently and, due to our unique construction methods, at workable height.

De Businesscase

It all starts with a robust tank design. Once an order has been received, our engineers get to work designing the tank. Working closely with the client, they design the tank(s) and their details using our proprietary software TankDesign. We produce all of our products to specification and ensure cost-efficient designs, long service lives and minimal maintenance costs. To safeguard quality, we make all of our tanks from stainless steel, an exceptionally strong and corrosion-resistant material that is suitable for virtually every application.

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